Data Architect, DevOps • Aug, 2017 — Present

Responsible for the design and implementation of the server-side of a multi-platform application

  • Designed and implemented a REST API using Django, Nginx, and Posgres
  • Created serverless endpoints for file upload and media streaming using Microsoft Azure cloud services
  • Implemented cloud infrastructure using Microsoft Azure, including App Service, CDN, storage, as well as a virtual network with load balancing, firewalls, and custom DNS.
  • Created custom Docker containers for each service, including custom docker scripts
  • Wrote and maintained documentation for all features
  • Implemented authorization framework using O-Auth 2.0, JWT and 2-factor authentication
  • Worked with blockchain developer to integrate ERC223 token using the Ethereum Ropsten test network

Elks National Foundation

Database Marketing Associate • Feb, 2014 — June 2017

Responsible for all data initiatives, including marketing and communication, business intelligence, data integration, and recognition, as well as planning, execution and analysis for fundraising efforts targeting over 800,000 constituents.

  • Saved more than a 120 man-hours each month by automating processes
  • Reduced the cost to raise a dollar from ~$.30, to ~$.12.
  • Increased retention rate of high-level donors ($1,000+) from 26% to 40%.
  • Increased average gift from a mailed appeal from $36.00 to $45.00.
  • Integrated all sources of data, including The Raiser’s Edge, email marketing, direct mail, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, text documents, and internal membership system
  • Worked with IT to implement infrastructure for marketing, data integration, and BI projects
  • Developed software which decreased the price-per-letter for mailings of more than 1000 letters by 15% and mailings of less than 500 letters by 80%, while allowing each individual piece of mail to be
  • personalized, including the copy, envelope, and insert.
  • Developed and maintained a system used to send 5 different newsletters to 50,000 constituents each month, with every email individually personalized to each constituent.
  • Overhauled analytical processes to allow for more detailed and frequent analysis, which allowed for better targeting of fundraising and communication efforts.
  • Unified the message and planning of fundraising, communication, and recognition efforts.
  • Created method for tracking donors across their entire lifetime including via physical mail, telephone, email, social media, and in-person interactions


Project Manager, B2B • Jan, 2013 — June 2013

Worked closely with IT, software developers, designers, and communications staff to create new products and keep development and rollout of products on time.

  • Implemented and administered SalesForce.com instance from purchase to rollout, including customizing SalesForce interface to match existing CRM UI, and linking internal customer databases to SalesForce
  • Developed lead nurturing program which tracked users across a variety of platforms, including social media, telephone, emails, and US Mail.
  • Worked closely with quantitative analysts to generate highly-targeted lists as well as generating new ways of looking at existing data to better target customers and clients with information created by content writers

Lawrence University

Student Phonathon Caller • Sep, 2009 — Jun, 2012

Called alumni to build and maintain their relationship with the University, as well as solicit donations for the Lawrence University Capital Campaign.

  • Set the record for most money raised by a Lawrence student in a single fiscal year ( $56,091)
  • Job-Related Awards (my statistics/average for entire call-center):
    • Most Money Pledged 2011 ($56,091/$13,646), 2012 ($31,379/$9,426)
    • Best Increased Gift Percentage 2011 (35.9%/24.8%)
    • Highest Average Gift Amount 2011 ($388/$160); 2012 ($561/$160)
    • Highest Dollar Per Dial 2011 ($9.30/$4.18); 2012 ($17.54/$4.12)
  • Additional Statistics for 2012 (my statistics/average for entire call-center)
    • Specified Pledges (152/88); Fulfillment Rate (89.4%/83.0%); Specified Gift Percentage (66.2%/47.2%)


Lawrence University

Bachelor of Arts, Biology • 2008 — 2012


Programming languages

Python, SQL, Bash (shell) scripting, PowerShell, VBA, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Windows Shell, JAVA (basic), C/C++ (basic), HTML/CSS (basic)

Version Control Systems


Automation/Build Tools

Docker, Kubernetes, SALT


Nginx, Tomcat, Apache


Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, MySQL


Linux and UNIX (Ubuntu, Red Hat/RHEL, CentOS), Windows, Android


TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory (AD), Virtual Networking, VLAN, VPN


Docker, KVM, QEMU, Proxmox

Cloud Products

Azure, Auth0, Fabric, Crashlytics

Web Technologies and Protocols


Other Software and Utilities

Access, Excel, Word, Visual Studio, Jira, Postman, Raiser's Edge, Slack, Google Analytics, Office 365, GitHub, Atom, Wordpress, Android Studio, Salesforce.com